Whats lurking in your carpets?

They are floating in the air, clinging to your clothes and finding their way through your ventilation system. Its not just drainage systems that can produce nasty germs, its your carpets too.  They can also cause allergies Here are 5 nasty things that could be hiding in your carpets right now:

Dust Mites

These nasty little creatures feed off animal and human dead skin. Hot water is one of the best ways to kill mites without using pesticides or other hazardous chemicals. So steam cleaning can be very effective at getting rid of them, no matter how deeply they are buried inside your carpet fibers.

dust mites close up

E Coli

This deadly strain of bacteria is most often connected with food poisoning, but it’s actually commonly picked up on the street and carried into our homes and businesses. There’s a good chance that your carpet could be harbouring this hidden virus.

e-coli zoomed in


Even if you take off your shoes when you enter your home, does everyone else? If you have kids, then there is a good likelihood, that they have forgotten to leave their shoes at the door, and your carpets could be home to pneumonia bacteria.

carpet bacteria under microscope


While this virus may be rare, it’s dangerous enough to be worthy of your concern. It can live in your carpet and cause all sorts of health problems- meningitis, skin conditions, and in some cases, even death.


Mould and Fungus

These can be airborne or latch onto any surface that touches them. They may be floating in the air of your home, but it’s more dangerous once they take hold of your carpet and find some water to help them thrive. Then they release more spores into the air and cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and flu-like symptoms.
carpet Mould and Fungus