carpet coffee stain in Cardiff

At Vale Carpet Cleaning, we frequently receive enquiries particularly for the removal of stains and smells. Being one of the best carpet cleaning companies across Cardiff and the Vale, we deliver a full range of stain removal services. With over 20 years of professional and transparent service to our clients. Not only can we get rid of the accidental stains such as spilling of coffee or red wine etc but also from pet stains such as urine causing unpleasant odour and much more. Not only do we remove stains but we also help protect your carpets from future ones, by adding a carpet stain protector.

Stain Removal Specialists

Our stain removal services include residential and commercial carpet cleaning, and our genuine satisfaction is a job well done. Our professional trained carpet cleaning technicians eliminate all kinds of spillage by using latest carpet cleaning machines and effective removal methods.

Stubborn Stains are hard to get rid of but… we can remove ‘em

Stain removal requires quick action, while most people generally neglect it and delay it by mopping the spillage on the carpet on their own. However, the longer the stain remains on your carpet, the harder it becomes to be removed. Therefore, your best chance is to act quickly and get professionals to do their job right. With that said, most carpet stains can be dealt with easily, but stubborn stains may require proven stain removal solutions with technical skills. So it is best to call an experienced Stain Removal company like ourselves, as Vale Carpet Cleaning Services are fully public liability insured and only use high quality carpet cleaning equipment for the job. Take a look at our handy ultimate stain removal guide.

Pet Stains giving you a headache?

If you are pet lover, you might have experienced one of the situations when your pet misbehaved and left pet urine stains over the carpet, causing bad odours. It is definitely irritating, so leave it to us because we will take care of it. Whilst a general product might clean the pet stains, it is highly unlikely it will treat the odours. We possess the knowledge and equipment to ensure the pet stains are removed and your carpet is odour-free. We not only remove all sorts of stains but also examine the stained areas and issues.

High Quality Stain Removal Products

Our expert technicians carry the finest array of professional and high quality stain removal tools and products to remove almost any stain off your carpet. Our carpet cleaning services include stain elimination from residential and commercial carpets, and our work ethic aims to achieve utmost success for our clients. We know well the use of the appropriate solutions for the particular carpet type you are looking to address.