dog urine stain on rug

Pet Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning Services

Everybody loves their pets, but no one loves it when they have an accident on the carpet. Unfortunately, the carpets are some of the worst places for your pet to have an accident. Here at Vale Carpet cleaning, we provide pet stain removal in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Pet stains can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and make it very difficult to clean. It is important to clean the urine or other pet waste thoroughly. The odour needs to be fully neutralized since pets can smell the scent that is left behind and will want to return to the spot to do their ‘business’. If at all possible, try to clean up the urine as soon after it has been done. We also clean rugs which is often a hot spot for pet accidents.

Eliminate Dog, Cat Urine, Odours

If its not to late keep the stain damp.

Absorb with a towel, do not rub always blot. Try to avoid household cleaning products, only use clean water. Await a professional carpet cleaner who has the suitable products to fully remove the stain and odour. If the urine has already set into the carpet, the less chance to fully remove the stain, but if we can’t remove it, then no one can. Carpet cleaning products they sell in the local shops for pet stains are simply are not good enough. Often the scents from these cleaners may disguise the urine odour for you, but it won’t fool your pet. They may actually want to urinate in that area more to overpower the new scent and mark their territory. In some instances, the pet’s waste products will have soaked down into the carpet’s underlay. This is another reason professional carpet cleaning equipment is required.

We use a strong extraction carpet cleaners which will fully extract any remaining residue. We follow this by a professional carpet deodoriser to totally eliminate any odour. Re-training your pet to avoid their bad behaviour will take some time, but it will be worth it to have a clean carpet. At Vale Carpet Cleaning we provide the ultimate stain removal services.