Pet Odour Elimination

Whether you have pets or you have friends that like to bring their pets over, pet odours can be a major problem for your carpets. Not every pet knows enough to not do their business on your carpet, and typical cleaning measures may not be enough to get rid of the stains or the odours. You may be able to mask the smell, but getting rid of it is a matter for the professionals many times. Your Penarth team is able to completely remove pet odours by eliminating the source of the smell- deep-seated pet droppings and urine that are still hiding in your carpet.

Why Choose Vale Carpet Cleaning in Penarth

We know there are other choices for professional carpet cleaning in Penarth, but we strive to be the best option for you every time. We are dedicated to providing the very best service and the most competitive prices. Our team is highly experienced and skilled, with many satisfied customers who depend on them to take care of their carpets.

If you want the most reliable, most professional and most thorough carpet cleaning service in Penarth, contact us today.

We’re Penarth’s premier carpet cleaning company. The people here rely on us to provide them with carpet cleaning services that protect their carpets and prolong their lives while getting rid of allergens, pollutants and dirt that make their carpets less than pleasant to use. We serve both commercial and domestic clients, and there isn’t a job that’s too little or too large for our team of experienced professionals to handle. If you need your carpet cleaned in Penarth, then Vale Carpet Cleaning are the ones to call.

Penarth’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Company

No one offers a wider range of professional carpet cleaning services in Penarth than we do. No matter what your need is, our team is able to take care of you.

End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

If you are looking to move out and you need an urgent end-of-tenancy cleaning performed, then our people are the ones for the job. With years of experience and a record of many satisfied customers, we have the reliability and expertise to make your carpet look as good as possible for your end-of-tenancy inspection. You don’t have to worry about the details; just leave the cleaning to us.

Allergen Removal

We can also steam clean your carpets, getting rid of dust mites and the droppings and body fragments they leave behind. These can be serious allergens, and you want to have them removed from your home or business so that you can breathe easier and not experience so many allergic reactions. Our team is able to thoroughly clean the area so that these pests are no longer a problem for you.

Mould Removal

If you need mould growth taken care of, the Vale Carpet Cleaning is your go-to carpet cleaner. We can get rid of not only the mould growth in your carpet, but also the potential for more mould to grow. That’s because we remove all mould spores from the carpet and take out the moisture there as well. Without those two components, mould won’t be able to grow and your carpets will last longer, the air will be easier to breathe and you will be less likely to experience allergic reactions.