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Highly Rated Carpet Cleaners Bridgend

Do you need your properties dining room and stairwell cleansed? Or perhaps you require a close of rental thorough clean? Scotch guard stain protector treatments… Yes we do this also. And it isn’t just washing carpets. We provide upholstery cleaning, freshen up older rugs handle stubborn stains, remove fleas and smelly pets odours.

Vale Carpet Cleaning Bridgend are leading providers of unrivalled and unparalleled carpet cleaning services to both domestic homes and commercial buildings. We are repeatedly nominated one of best {firms|companies|business’s|carpet cleaners) in Bridgend. Adhering to highest standards and awesome customer service, we have a many 5 star reviews from {trusted sites such as Facebook.

Amazing clean from Edward. Highly recommended.”  Ms E Mills review star ratings

We don’t utilise not good quality products, or those with {harsh|strong|unkind| chemicals or whitening agentsFor additional peace of mind, our staff are public liability insurance covered and qualified by the IICRC.

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What are the costs of carpet cleaning?

What do we charge for cleaning? When you hire us you can be confident that we will be best priced vs other companies. The additional rooms and areas that you have done then the greater cost effective it’s going to be. the majority of circumstances we can provide a cost over the phone, via sms or email. However in some cases we might need to look at the property. This is to ensure we offer the most accurate and best deals. Because you can appreciate every clean differs. Some can also involve the eradication of difficult staining that need specialist attention and treatment. Hence these kinds of tasks will require much longer to work on and will cost just a tad bit more. Confident that we offer the absolute best range of value for cash carpet cleaning service round there’s a money back guarantee if you’re not entirely pleased.

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Carpets Which Are Cleaner, Healthier & Last Longer

There are many advantages associated with a profound wash and cleansing of your carpeting. Primarily the look and longevity is enhanced. Along with this, you can find a substantial number of associated health benefits. Not only will it help to eradicate dust mites, food debris, pollen and allergens, but also any other harmful bacteria which is trapped down within the fibre roots. Even rugs that are often vacuumed still are extremely filthy deep down. After every job we empty the tank out of our machinery, the water that comes out the majority of the time is pitch black and stinking.

We have had a number of comments from sufferers of asthma and other allergies that their symptoms have improved only be needing their rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Hot water extraction procedure is utilized, which can be called’steam cleaning’. The hot water under high pressure water flushes out dirt in the exact bottom upwards and up and from this heap. We think that is actually the most comprehensive type of clean you will ever get, and is regarded as the top method of carpet cleaning by carpet, rug and upholstery manufactures. Our technicians utilize the very best machines and goods by the newest Prochem and Craftex.

Regardless of what it is that you need cleaned, you can have complete assurance that we will have the solution. It is time to say goodbye to dirt and breathe fresh new life into your carpets. Simply placed “we will make your carpets cleaner, healthier and more lasting”.


We are fully trained by the institute of carpet cleaning and restoration, this is an intensive two day course which covers everything from identifying carpet fibres to carpet chemical chemistry. The institute operates nationally and internationally and highly regarded as a market leader in its field.

We have invested fully not only in training but also the equipment and products that we use on your carpets. We don’t use solutions with bleaching agents, or any of that nasty ‘off the shelf stuff’. The machines we use are built in the UK and known as ‘portable truck mounts’ the air flex pro has a triple vacuum and 800 psi pump which can tackle even the dirtiest of carpets. In terms of the solutions we use to clean your carpets we opt for the professional brand Prochem, which is regarded as the industry leader and recommended by many carpet manufactures as the some of the best wool safe solutions. Believe it or not, their is a science to cleaning carpets. They should be left in a PH neutral state of being cleaned correctly.  Using an alkaline pre-spray coupled with a acidic based rinse for the perfect clean.

You may find that there a number of companies that offer “to good to be true pricing” usually they will up-sell upon arrival and add hidden extras. We don’t do any of that, no sales pitch or patter, fully transparent the price we give is the only price you pay and there is no VAT added. With us, the more carpets you have cleaned the greater the cost saving value you receive.

We have over 50 testimonials at reviews, all of which are 5 stars. We regularly get feedback such as: “An extremely professional service, the gentlemen went above and beyond to help us with our end of tenancy carpet cleaning and were very efficient.” Even though “we are just cleaners” we take pride in our work and very proud of these as customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and we always strive to put customers first.

Bridgend (English: /brɪˈdʒɛnd/; Welsh: Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr or just Pen-y-bont, meaning “the end (or head) of the bridge on the Ogmore”) is a town in Bridgend County Borough in Wales, 20 miles (32 km) west of the capital Cardiff and 20 miles (32 km) east of Swansea. The river crossed by the original bridge, which gave the town its name, is the River Ogmore, but the River Ewenny also passes to the south of the town.

Historically a part of Glamorgan, Bridgend has greatly expanded in size since the early 1980s – the 2001 census recorded a population of 39,429 for the town and the 2011 census reported that the Bridgend Local Authority had a population of 139,200 – up from 128,700 in 2001. This 8.2% increase was the largest increase in Wales except for Cardiff. The town is undergoing a redevelopment project, with the town centre mainly pedestrianised and ongoing works including Brackla Street Centre redevelopment to Bridgend Shopping Centre, Rhiw Car Park redevelopment, ongoing public realm improvements and the upgrade of the Bridgend Life Centre and demolition of Sunnyside offices to accommodate a large retirement complex.