How We Clean Your Carpets

Before we can start our cleaning, there are a few things you can do first to make the job go smoother. First, you will want to remove any breakable items from the area. Our crew may move to help with some of the light furniture, we don’t want to endanger your fragile items. Finally, ensure that all children and pets will be kept away from where we are working. As part of our carpet cleaning we will carry out the following process:


We start the process by examining your carpet. We will inspect the problem areas that will need to be addressed individually. And we will take note of the kind of carpet you have and how much cleaning it should require. Our technician will let you know when possible if there are any stains that we don’t expect to be able to remove.


If needed we will use an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner to remove most of the dirt and other particles from your carpet. This helps us to clean better and gets out all of the loose debris on your carpet.

Pre-spray treatment

Then we will use a hot, organic pre-treatment spray on all spots and stains. This also loosens up the embedded dirt and makes it easier to remove.

Extraction & Rinse

Once the pre-treatment spray has had time to work, we will flush out the carpet with a hot water solution. We use a high-powered carpet cleaning system to push the water at high speeds and ensure all the loose particles are swept away. We will regulate the heat and the pressure during this step to ensure that the carpet never becomes too wet.

Grooming the Carpet

Then we will rake the carpet pile to ensure all the fibres are facing the same direction. This will allow the carpet to dry faster and look more attractive.

Inspecting the Work

Once Your Carpet Has Been Cleaned we recommend that you ask for the carpet stain protection option once your carpet has been cleaned. You should also wait to vacuum your carpet until 24 hours have passed since the cleaning. The tabs and blocks protecting the furniture should also not be removed until after 24 hours following the cleaning. Please also keep in mind that hard surfaces can be slippery. You should take caution when stepping from the carpet onto an uncarpeted floor.