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Carpet Dust Mites

Carpet dust mites are creatures that are so small that you can barely see them without some sort of magnification. They feed off of animal and human dead skin, pollen and bacteria.

Where are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are more likely to be found in the bedroom and rooms where pets are allowed than anywhere else. They can easily hide deep within the carpet, where dust and other detritus can be difficult to remove. Carpets are often not cleaned as regularly as other parts of the house, making them ideal locations for dust mites. They like to hang out here and lay their eggs. If you want to keep dust mites from affecting you then your best defence is to modify the humidity in your home.

How to remove Dust Mites

Dust mites cannot tolerate humidity levels of 60 percent or lower, quickly dying out in this type of environment.You will also want to clean your carpets regularly. Using Hot water the best way to kill mites without using pesticides or other chemicals which can be hazadous. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can therefore be very effective at eradicating them. No matter how deeply they are buried inside your carpet fibres. Regular dusting and vacuuming are also great ways to reduce the dust mite population.

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By keeping your home clean you will eliminate a lot of the mites’ food sources, starving them and driving them from your home. It can also help to control your ventilation. If you allow air from open windows to ventilate your home, pollen may be able to enter and feed the mites. Instead, try to use vents and duct systems to provide air flow to your home. These ventilation systems should be cleaned regularly as well. They can collect dust and other particles that attract mites.

Here are some more nasty things that could be hiding in your carpets right now:


E Coli

This deadly strain of bacteria is most often connected with food poisoning, but it’s actually commonly picked up on the street and carried into our homes and businesses. There’s a good chance that your carpet could be harbouring this hidden virus.

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Even if you take off your shoes when you enter your home, does everyone else? If you have kids, then there is a good likelihood, that they have forgotten to leave their shoes at the door, and your carpets could be home to pneumonia bacteria.

carpet bacteria under microscope


While this virus may be rare, it’s dangerous enough to be worthy of your concern. It can live in your carpet and cause all sorts of health problems- meningitis, skin conditions, and in some cases, even death.


Mould and Fungus

These can be airborne or latch onto any surface that touches them. They may be floating in the air of your home, but it’s more dangerous once they take hold of your carpet and find some water to help them thrive. Then they release more spores into the air and cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and flu-like symptoms.
carpet Mould and Fungus

wet carpet cleaning method

What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Before having a carpet cleaned, what you need to be familiar with as a homeowner is that hot water extraction is by far the best carpet cleaning method out there on the market. Why this carpet cleaning method is particularly the most reliable and dependant, is because of a variety of benefits that come along. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning improves the air quality of your home and keeps allergies and other health problems away.

Understanding The HWE Method

Hot water extraction (HWE) has evolved in the carpet cleaning industry over the past few years, improved equipment, better techniques, and toxic free chemicals than in the conventional carpet cleaning methods. While the methods have progressed, the basic system remains the same. This solution contains a cleaning agent which is injected into the carpet face and then it is followed with a vacuum system. This action extracts the soil and spent solution, and uses high quality equipment to do the job. Not to forget, no hot water extraction system is complete without a pre-conditioning step. It involves a chemical designed to soften, saponify and let loose the oxidized oils and soils until they are ready to be extracted using the equipment.

How it Works?

Hot cleaning solution is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet and is then extracted with a vacuum source. The unclean solution is separately stored in a recovery tank that is later poured into the sanitary waste system. This hot water extraction has the ability to flush out larger amounts of soil and contaminants off the carpet. – We use the top-quality hot water extraction / steam cleaning system in the industry. – The heated water under pressure contains a rinsing solution which is then injected into the fibers of the carpet while at the same time extraction takes place using powerful vacuum equipment. – This method will clean, rise and extract dirt and unhealthy contaminants that lies deep within your carpet. We ensure your carpet looks great once it is done! The reason this carpet cleaning method is often the choice of most customers is because it removes more contaminants than the other carpet cleaning methods. More importantly, hot water extraction is favoured by the Environmental Agency and is the preferred method of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

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The Benefits

Usually, carpets are a long-term investment that require regular maintenance and cleaning, rather than cleaning it with dense chemicals every once in a while. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is probably the most used carpet cleaning method, as it utilizes all the fundamentals of cleaning. It does an excellent job in eliminating the greatest amounts of soil and allergic health issues from the environment.
  1. It is a deeper clean method better than its alternatives, namely shampooing and dry cleaning, that only serves to clean the    surface of a carpet. In fact, it is also much more effective at removing stains and bad odors than ordinary surface cleaners.
  1. You won’t be able to spot any residue left behind on the carpet after hot water extraction cleaning, if performed by experts. Other methods for cleaning like shampooing and dry cleaning usually leave behind large traces of residues on the carpet surface.
  1. This method can be an eco-friendly carpet cleaning approach if natural and non-toxic solutions are used. Most alternative cleaning methods rely heavily on harsh chemicals which endanger health risks for both people and pets.