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guide to starting a carpet cleaning business The Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business

Im James, I own local Cardiff based carpet cleaning company Vale Carpet Cleaning. Whilst I don’t want to increase my competition on the carpet cleaning space, I feel this guide will help out a lot

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff Why Cardiff is the best city to live in

If you live in Cardiff City, then you already know why it’s the best place in wales to live in. For those not in the know, here are some reasons why it takes the top spot.Good things come in small

top 3 cardiff Top 3 local services in Cardiff

Cardiff is known for its historical landmarks and friendly people, but you might not know that it offers some great local services as well. There are hundreds to chose from and we haven't got time to

cardiff things to do Top 10 things to do in Cardiff

If you’re planning to visit Cardiff, then here are the ten best things you absolutely have to see while you are there.Cardiff CastleOne of the most prominent tourist sites in the town is the

stain remover How to make your own carpet stain remover

When you get stains on your carpet, your first inclination might be to pull out a carpet cleaner from your cupboards or go to the store to find a cleaner that will work. You can save money, however,

bacteria infection Whats lurking in your carpets?

They are floating in the air, clinging to your clothes and finding their way through your ventilation system. They can also cause allergies Here are 5 nasty things that could be hiding in your

types of carpet fibres The Different Types of Carpet Fibres

A Look at the Different Types of Carpet Fibres. There are several different kinds of carpet fibres. These determine how strong the carpet is (how resilient it is to degradation) and how easy it will

dry vs wet carpet cleaning Which is Better – Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning?

The two primary ways that professional carpet cleaners will remove dirt and stains from carpets are through wet and dry carpet cleaning techniques. These both have similar outcomes and objectives,

wine stain removal How To Remove Wine From Carpet

A wine spill on the carpet may seem like the worst stain you could get. It's just as common as coffee spills and stains. We all know how difficult it can be to get wine out of carpets, but there are

makeup carpet stain removal How To Remove Makeup From Carpet

If you use makeup, then you have probably had a brief flash of worry where you wonder what you will do if you spill makeup on the carpet. When that does happen though, you want to be prepared to get

how to remove vomit from carpet How To Remove Vomit Stains From Carpet

Vomit not only stains carpets, but it can leave behind a smell that is tough to get rid of. With these easy solutions, you will get rid of the stain and the smell. They are also as bad as removing

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