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Allergy Prevention

Hay fever, pet fur, dust mites – whatever you are allergic too, having your carpets professional carpet cleaned will certainly help. As much as you love your pets, you have to realize that they can carry many allergens that cause irritation. Pets are physical repositories for all sorts of allergens. And no matter how clean you keep your pets, if they live in your house, they will cause irritation to those who have all kinds of allergies.

Dog and cat fur is a perfect hiding place for dust mites and pollen. These incredibly small pests and particles cling to their fur and become carried throughout your house. Your pets also shed skin cells from their bodies. These are called dander, and many people can have an allergic reaction to them which results in hay fever. As your pet move about, the allergens are released into the air or are deposited on your furniture and in your carpet.

carpet cleaning allergies

Eventually, all these allergens will settle into the carpet more than any other area. That’s where you will find the largest deposits of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, dander and more. If you want to avoid the health problems that are caused by these allergens in your home, then you need to use the professional carpet cleaning services that Vale Carpet Cleaning offers.

While you may be able to see and remove most of the larger clumps of fur that your pets leave behind, there are smaller particles that you will be missing. Fine hair, dander particles and various allergens are all being left behind by your pets all over your house each day. Conventional cleaning methods are not going to be enough to fully remove these irritants from your home. Only a deep and thorough cleaning can penetrate your carpet far enough and ensure that all allergens are removed.

You can make your home safer, cleaner and easier to breathe in by getting rid of dust mites and hay fever. If you and your family are ready to improve your standard of life and enjoy your house and pets without the problems caused by allergens, then contact us today.

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